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Detailed Guide to Studying Abroad: From India to the USA

USA, Study Abroad 06-07-2024

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Studying in the USA offers unparalleled academic opportunities, cutting-edge research facilities, and a vibrant multicultural environment. This comprehensive guide from Learnerhunt walks you through the entire process of applying to US universities from India. From researching courses and preparing for standardized tests to securing scholarships and obtaining your student visa, we cover all the essential steps to help you achieve your dream of studying abroad. Whether you're aiming for a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree, our detailed guide ensures a smooth and informed journey to one of the world's most prestigious education destinations.

How Much Does It Cost to Study in the USA for Indian Students?

Studying in the USA can be a significant financial investment. Costs vary widely depending on the type of institution and program. On average:

  • English Language Studies: $700 to $2,000 per month

  • Community Colleges: $6,000 to $20,000 per year

  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree: $20,000 to $40,000 per year

  • Graduate Programs: $20,000 to $45,000 per year

  • Doctoral Degrees: $28,000 to $55,000 per year

These costs are indicative and can vary based on the university and location.

How Can Indian Students Study in the USA?

Steps to Apply

  1. Research: Identify the course and universities that match your career goals. Consider factors such as course content, faculty, location, and overall reputation.

  2. Standardized Tests: Prepare and take required standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or IELTS.

  3. Application: Apply to the chosen universities. This usually involves submitting an online application form for study abroad, transcripts, test scores, recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, and sometimes a resume or portfolio.

  4. Financial Planning: Arrange for funding through personal savings, family support, scholarships, and educational loans.

  5. Visa Application: After receiving acceptance, apply for a student visa (F-1, J-1, or M-1) at the nearest US embassy or consulate.

  6. Pre-Departure Preparation: Attend pre-departure orientations, arrange accommodation, book flights, and prepare for your journey.

Who is Eligible to Study in the USA?

Eligibility criteria for studying in the USA generally include:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate programs.

  • A bachelor’s degree for postgraduate programs.

  • Proof of proficiency in English (TOEFL, IELTS).

  • Acceptance by a US institution and sufficient financial resources.

Is Studying in the USA Costly?

Yes, studying in the USA is considered expensive. However, the quality of education, exposure, and career opportunities in study abroad in USA often justify the investment. Financial aid, scholarships, and part-time work opportunities can help manage costs.

Which City is Cheapest to Study in the USA?

Some of the more affordable cities for international students include:

  • San Antonio, Texas

  • Kansas City, Missouri

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Dayton, Ohio

These cities generally have a lower cost of living compared to major metropolitan areas like New York or San Francisco.

Which Study is Best in the USA?

Popular fields of study among international students in the USA include:

  • Engineering and Computer Science

  • Life Sciences

  • Business Management

  • Social Sciences

  • Physical and Earth Sciences

Is Canada or USA Cheaper to Study?

Generally, studying in Canada is cheaper compared to the USA. Tuition fees and cost of living in Canada are lower than in the USA, making it an attractive alternative for international students.

How Much Money is Needed to Study in the USA?

A rough estimate for one academic year in the USA (including tuition, fees, and living expenses) is:

  • Public/State Universities: $20,000 to $40,000

  • Private Universities: $30,000 to $70,000

This includes tuition, accommodation, food, travel, books, and personal expenses.

Which State in the USA is Best for Indian Students?

States with significant Indian student populations and reputed institutions include:

  • California

  • New York

  • Texas

  • Massachusetts

  • Illinois

These states offer diverse cultural experiences, extensive job opportunities, and strong support networks for international students.

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Why Indian Students Love Studying in the US

Indian students are drawn to the USA for various reasons:

  • Quality Education: World-renowned universities with excellent faculty and research opportunities.

  • Diverse Opportunities: Wide range of programs and extracurricular activities.

  • Career Prospects: High employability and earning potential after graduation.

  • Cultural Exposure: Rich cultural diversity and vibrant campus life.

  • Support Systems: Extensive support services for international students.

Student Visa Requirements for the US

The US Government offers three types of student visas:

  1. F-1 Student Visa: For students attending an accredited US college, university, or language institute.

  2. J-1 Exchange Visa: For participation in exchange programs, including high school and university study.

  3. M-1 Student Visa: For non-academic or vocational study or training.

For detailed information, visit the US Department of State website.

Intakes Available in the USA

American universities offer three intakes:

  1. Fall: Starts in September (most popular among Indian students).

  2. Spring: Starts in January.

  3. Summer: Starts in May (limited programs and colleges).

Scholarships to Study in the USA

Popular Scholarship Programs

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships: For master’s or PhD programs; covers tuition, accident and sickness coverage, airfare, and living costs.

  2. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program: For young and mid-career professionals for 10 months of non-degree graduate study and practical experience.

  3. #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship: Designed to welcome international students into the US higher education system.

  4. IEFA Scholarship: For high school students showing exemplary performance in academics and extracurricular activities.

  5. AAUW International Fellowships: For international women students for full-time study and research.

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Top Courses to Study in the USA

  • Engineering and Computer Science

  • Life Sciences

  • Business Management

Top Universities in the USA (QS Ranking 2023)

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  2. Stanford University

  3. Harvard University

  4. California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

  5. University of Chicago

  6. University of Pennsylvania

  7. Yale University

  8. Columbia University

  9. Princeton University

  10. Cornell University

Job Prospects in the USA

Graduates from US universities are in high demand, especially in fields like healthcare, film production, real estate, retail, agriculture, engineering, and IT. International students can also explore internship opportunities and apply for a Skilled Worker Visa to work and reside in the country permanently.

Cost of Living in the USA

Living costs vary significantly based on location. Urban areas are generally more expensive than smaller towns or suburban areas.

Common Expenses

  • Books and Stationery: $500-$1,000 per year

  • Travel: $500-$1,200 per year

  • Food: $2,500 per year

  • Clothes and Footwear: $500 per year

  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $2,000 per year

FAQs About Studying in the USA

1. How Much Will It Cost to Study in the USA?

The cost varies based on the type of institution and program. On average, tuition fees range from $8,000 to $55,000 per year.

2. What is the Duration of Foundation or Diploma Programs in the US?

Typically, these programs last one year. Successful completion allows progression to the first year of a bachelor’s degree.

3. Can I Work in the USA During and After Studies?

Yes, with appropriate authorizations like Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), and on-campus employment.

4. What Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in the US?

  • Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

  • #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

  • IEFA Scholarship

  • AAUW International Fellowships

5. How Can I Go to the US for Studies?

Research your desired course and university. Prepare for standardized tests, apply for admission, secure funding, and apply for a student visa.

Popular Courses to Study Abroad

  • MS in the USA

  • PhD in the USA

  • Postgraduation in the USA

  • MS in Data Science in the USA

  • MBA in the USA

  • IT in the USA

  • Artificial Intelligence in the USA

  • Business Analytics in the USA

  • Data Science in the USA

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This guide aims to provide comprehensive information for Indian students planning to study in the USA. For detailed guidance, consult educational experts and visit Learnerhunt.

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